RadiX Project

The word Radix means “root” (of a plant) or “the smallest meaningful unit” (of a language). It refers to the goal our the project: to research the roots and the tactical treasures of the ITF Tul to recover and develop techniques that have meaningful self-defence applications.

Many aspects of our art and organization are developing well and breed competence. The self-defense aspect is underdeveloped.

We, Robert Boer and Roy Rolstad, have been developing the self-defense aspect of our system and would like to share our findings with our peers.

We have already have done this for the N.T.N. and I.T.F. Netherlands curriculum and in several seminars.

In the last 20-plus years we developed principles and found many sound and pragmatic self-defense applications and tactical possibilities while examining our Tul and the TKD training cycle.

We use principles and techniques that a white-belt learns from day one and give them practical applications for real life situations. Then we connect them with the latest knowledge on human behaviour related to violence.

We think that the time is right to present an integrated self-defense approach to the members of our organization, an approach that brings all our strong points together and strenghtens I.T.F.-Taekwon-Do as a solid and relevant self-defense system.

I.T.F. Taekwon-Do is our first and most important resource and we want to make the best out of it.

Seminar Agenda