Interview met Farid in Argentinië

Op de officieële site van de WK in Argentinië staat een klein interview met onze Farid als spreekbuis voor ITF-Afganistan

Website WK ITF 2009 Argentinië 

Hieronder, niet letten op de spelfouten, kun je het lezen


 Different cultures!


Interviewer: Welcome! It´s a pleasure to have you here in our country.

Afganistan: Thank you!

I: Is it your first time in Argentina?

A: In Argentina it´s our first time. And it´s our first World Championship too.

I: How long have you been trainning?

A: My partner has trained for eleven years and I´ve been trainning for seven years.

I: What about Argentina?

A: I like it very much. Specially the people. They are very nice. Not only tkd people, all kind of people.

I: What about culture?

A:Afganistan in this moment has not much freedom. Specially women. It´s very straihgt for our women. We hope in  

the future to be like Argentina.

I: Thanks for you time. Good luck!