Martial Arts Project

I am enrolled in the International Baccalaureate, or IB for short. The IB requires students, apart from regular schoolwork, to complete many other tasks, known as the IB core. One such task is the CAS Project, an extensive project that must be at least 1 month in duration and must contain elements of CAS: Creativity, Activity & Service. I decided that I wanted to make my CAS project about fitness – educating and motivating students from my school to pursue or develop in three topics I presented workshops on: Mobility & Flexibility Training, Resistance Training and Martial Arts Training. 

An important element of my CAS project is the collaboration with experts in the specific fields of fitness I was teaching about. The project would not be the same without their help, wisdom and experience. With this message I would like to thank one such collaborating expert, my Taekwon-Do Sahyun, Robert Boer. My collaboration with him was very effective and yielded great results. From the initial planning stages to the active workshop, Sahyun Robert was assisting me masterfully. His knowledge of martial arts and lesson planning allowed the lesson draft to be completed and polished, which produced a well-structured lesson in the workshop stage. 

Furthermore, Sahyun Robert’s flexibility and ability to fit the lesson to what the attendees needed proved very effective in captivating their attention and improving their learning. Finally, another admirable trait that Sahyun Robert expressed was his social skills and ability to entertain the guests, have deep ethical talks and be a fun person overall. Thank you Sahyun, I greatly appreciate your collaboration! Your efforts in the scope of my CAS project have truly elevated its quality. Kind regards Sergey